Storytelling for Business and Life

Universal Storyteller offers bespoke storytelling workshops, a unique narrative methodology and consulting services for most business areas including change management, leadership development, advertising and design thinking.

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How we can help

Presentations and Pitching

Stories win hearts, minds and pitches.  Stories are not only more memorable but they also influence decision-making. Unlike other forms of persuasion, stories do not create a push, they create a pull. Studies by neurologists have indicated that decision-making is a process driven largely by emotions triggered by stories.


This workshop provides techniques and tools on how to effectively structure and deliver sales pitches and presentations in storytelling format. Most “pitch doctors” work on the look and delivery only; we work on the narratives and underlying messages that truly influences decisions.


Marketing & Advertising

Studies found that consumers rate advertising with clear dramatic plotlines significantly higher and share them more often than ads, which solely rely on flashy elements.  Ads with strong narratives spread virally without any additional effort on the part of the storyteller.


This hands-on workshop teaches how to use storytelling techniques to enhance advertising and marketing campaigns. It provides a customised toolkit and is illustrated with successful storytelling campaigns that left their mark.

Change Management

Stories have been an essential driver of change throughout human history; for better or worse. People are not afraid of change; there are afraid of uncertainty. Good narratives pave the way for new business and change programs, and make people buy into the journey ahead.  Data can persuade people, but it doesn’t inspire them to act; to do that, you need to wrap your vision in a story that fires the imagination.

This workshop is designed to create change narratives and future states to make people engage and follow transformation programs. The workshop provides narrative techniques to illustrate and convey the importance and purpose of an initiative and deliver the purpose. In the end it is purpose that builds real passion, motivation, and buy-in for the stakeholders of any organization.


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